drunk lietuviškai

drunk vertimas 1. v pp iš drink; to get drunk pasigerti;2. a 1) girtas; 2)perk. apsvaigęs

  • alcoholic drink (n.) alkoholis
  • punch-drunk (adj.) apsvaigęs nuo smūgių
  • aerated drink (n.) gazuotas gėrimas
  • person drunk with power (n.) autokratas, patvaldys, tironas, despotas
  • blind drunk (adj.) pamišęs, permirkęs
  • drink a toast to (v.) pasiūlyti tostą už
  • carbonated drink (n.) putojantis gėrimas, sodos vanduo
  • drink (to) the health of (v.) į kieno nors sveikatą, išgerti už ką, išgerti už ką/į kieno nors sveikatą
  • drink down (v.) išmaukti, išmesti, išlenkti
  • drink in (v.) traukti į save, įsiminti
  • drink to (v.) išgerti už ką/į kieno nors sveikatą, pasiūlyti tostą už, išgerti į kieno nors sveikatą
  • Energy drink Energinis gėrimas
  • soft drink (n.) gėrimas
  • Soft drink Nealkoholinis gėrimas
  • drink up (v.) išgerti iki dugno, išgerti
  • hard drink (n.) stiprus alkoholinis gėrimas, alkoholinis gėrimas
  • strong drink (n.) stiprus alkoholinis gėrimas, alkoholinis gėrimas
  • Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (drunkard) a chronic drinker
  • (someone who is) someone who is intoxicated Type of: drinker
  • (imbibe) to take in liquids
  • (consume alcohol) to consume alcohol
  • (honor) to propose a toast to
  • (steep) to be fascinated or spell-bound by; to pay close attention to
  • (use) to drink excessive amounts of alcohol; to be an alcoholic
  • (inebriated) stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)
  • (excited) as if under the influence of alcohol

drunk sinonimai crazy, delirious, distraught, drunken, frantic, frenzied, inebriate, intoxicated, loaded, mad, soused, stoned, tipsy, under the influence, well-oiled, wild, blind drunk, blotto, canned, dead drunk, embalmed, inebriated, pissed, pissed as a newt, pissed out of one's head, pissed out of one's mind, plastered, sloshed, smashed, tight, zonked, alcohol, alcoholic, alky, drinker, drunkard, inebriate, soaker, souse, boozer, dipsomaniac, lush, rummy, soak, sot, tippler, wino

drink sinonimai beverage, bite, boozing, brew, concoction, crapulence, deglutition, dram, draught, drinkable, drinking, drunkenness, gulp, imbibing, imbibition, mouthful, potable, pull, snap, swallow, swig, draft, absorb, be addicted to alcohol, be addicted to drink, be a drinker, be a heavy drinker, be an alcoholic, be given to drink, booze, carouse, clink the glasses, drink a toast, drink a toast to, drink heavily, drink in, drink to, drink up, finish, finish off, finish up, fuddle, gulp, guzzle, have a drink problem, hit the bottle, make a toast, pledge, propose a toast, quaff, revel, salute, sip, suck, sup, swallow, swig, swill, tank up, toast, tope, wassail, water, go on a pub-crawl, imbibe, pub-crawl, tipple, clink the glasses, drink a toast, toast

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