deceive lietuviškai

deceive vertimas v apgauti; klaidinti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (victimize) to be false to; to be dishonest with
  • (misinform) to cause someone to believe an untruth

deceive sinonimai bamboozle, beguile, beguile into, betray, bilk, bilk out of, camouflage, cheat, cheat out of, chisel, con, cozen, delude, double-cross, dupe, fail, flim-flam, fob, fool, fox, have, hoodwink, ill-treat, kid, lead astray, lead on, let down, make believe, misguide, mislead, misrepresent, outsmart, outwit, play, play a hoax on, play a joke on, play a prank on, play a trick, play a trick / tricks on, play a trick on, play tricks, play tricks on, pull a fast one on, rip off, rook, sell, swindle, swindle out of, take, take in, trick, trick into, trick out of, lead up the garden path, outmaneuver, outmanoeuvre, put on the wrong track, take for a ride, be unfaithful

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