chief lietuviškai

chief vertimas 1. n vadas, galva, viršininkas; 2. a 1) vyriausias, svarbiausias; 2) vadovaująs

  • Arab chief (n.) šeichas
  • chief constable (n.) vyresnysis inspektorius
  • chief cook (n.) vyriausiasis virėjas
  • chief executive officer (n.) vadybininkas, vyriausiasis pareigūnas, vyriausiasis pareigūnas/vadybininkas
  • Chief executive officer Generalinis direktorius
  • chief of police (n.) vyresnysis inspektorius
  • editor in chief (n.) redaktorius
  • chairman and chief executive officer (n.) vyriausiasis pareigūnas, vadybininkas, vyriausiasis pareigūnas/vadybininkas
  • commander-in-chief (n.) vyriausiasis kariuomenės vadas
  • Chief Executive (n.) prezidentas
  • General-in-Chief Generolas anšefas
  • chief assistant (n.) dešinioji ranka
  • chief of state (n.) valdovas, valstybės vadovas
  • chief operating officer (n.) vyriausiasis pareigūnas, vadybininkas, vyriausiasis pareigūnas/vadybininkas
  • tribal chief (n.) vadas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (head) a person who is in charge
  • (supervisor) a person who exercises control over workers
  • (headman) the head of a tribe or clan
  • (important) most important element

chief sinonimai central, head, high, leading, main, master, most important, preeminent, primary, principal, big man, boss, captain, chieftain, commander, director, employer, foreman, gaffer, governor, guide, head, headman, head man, heavyweight, honcho, leader, leading figure, lord, lord and master, manager, mistress, paramount, principal, ruler, superior, swayer, tribal chief, top dog, chief of state, headman, head of state

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