bury lietuviškai

bury vertimas v 1) laidoti, palaidoti; 2) paslėpti; to bury the hatchet baigti nesantaiką; burying ground, burying place kapinės

  • bury the hatchet (v.) susitaikyti
  • Bury F.C. Bury FC
  • Bury Your Dead
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (hide) to cover from sight Type of: hide
  • (lay) to place in a grave or tomb
  • (situate) to place in the earth and cover with soil Type of: situate. Followed by: cover
  • (enclose) to enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
  • (implant) to embed deeply
  • (forget) to dismiss from the mind; to stop remembering

bury sinonimai conceal, cover, cover up, dig in, eat up, embed, engulf, enshroud, forget, hide, immerse, implant, inhume, lay to rest, overcome, plant, put away, secrete, sepulchre, sink, suppress, swallow, swallow up, win over, carry to the grave, commit to the earth, entomb, inter

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