immerse lietuviškai

immerse vertimas v 1) panerti, įmerkti; 2) įtraukti, įvelti, įpainioti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (penetrate) to thrust or throw into
  • (concentrate) to devote (oneself) fully to
  • (enclose) to enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing
  • (cause, be immersed) to cause to be immersed

immerse sinonimai absorb, baptize, bury, dip, dip in, dive, douse, douse in, dowse, dowse in, drench, dunk, eat up, embed, engross, engulf, involve, lose oneself in, plunge, saturate, sink, soak, soak up, steep, submerge, submerse, swallow, swallow up, wash

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