blessing lietuviškai

blessing vertimas n 1) palaiminimas; palaima; 2) gamtos dovana

  • a blessing in disguise kas neišeitų į gera, nėra to blogo
  • bless you! () į sveikatą, į sveikatą!
  • God Bless Fiji Fidžio himnas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (support) the formal act of approving
  • (good fortune) a desirable state
  • (grace) a short prayer of thanks before a meal
  • (ceremonial prayer invoking) a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
  • (supplication) the act of praying for divine protection
  • (raise) to give a benediction to Type of: raise
  • (award) to confer prosperity or happiness on Type of: award
  • (Romanism) to make the sign of the cross over someone to call on God for protection
  • (declare) to render holy by means of religious rites

bless sinonimai anoint, bestow, consecrate, cross, dedicate, endow, favour, give, grant, hallow, ordain, provide, sanctify, sign

blessing sinonimai advantage, approbation, approval, approving, asset, baptism, benediction, benison, boon, bounty, consecration, Eucharist, godsend, grace, sanctification, sanctioning, thanksgiving, Thanksgiving, windfall

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