approval lietuviškai

approval vertimas n pritarimas

  • approval of tariffs (n.) tarifų tvirtinimas
  • secret approval (n.) nuolaidžiavimas
  • market approval (n.) pritarimas prekybai
  • on approval (adv.) išbandymui, patikrinimui
  • seal of approval () oficialus pritarimas, patvirtinimas, pritarimas, oficialus pritarimas/patvirtinimas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (support) the formal act of approving
  • (liking) a feeling of liking something or someone good Type of: liking
  • (acceptance) acceptance as satisfactory
  • (message) a message expressing a favorable opinion

approval sinonimai acceptance, acceptation, accord, acquiescence, adherence, adoption, agreement, allowance, approbation, approving, assent, assumption, authorisation, authority, authorization, blessing, commendation, favor, favorable reception, favourable reception, fiat, go-ahead, green light, kudos, license, luxury, luxury article, okay, permission, permit, ratification, reception, respect, sanctioning, seal, taking on, the green light

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