avail lietuviškai

avail vertimas 1. v 1) padėti; 2) būti naudingam; to avail oneself of pasinaudoti;2. n nauda; of avail naudingas, tinkamas; of no avail be naudos

  • to no avail (adv.) veltui, tuščiai
  • of no avail (adv.) veltui, tuščiai, perniek
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (helpfulness) a means of serving
  • (use) to use to one's advantage Type of: use
  • (assist) to be of use to, be useful to
  • (exploit) to take or use

avail sinonimai for nothing, futilely, ineffectually, in vain, of no avail, to no effect, to no purpose, unavailingly, unsuccessfully, vainly, aid, assistance, help, service, be of use, come in useful, help

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