attraction lietuviškai

attraction vertimas n 1) (pri) traukimas; 2) paviliojimas; 3) patrauklumas; 4) pl pramogos, atrakcionai

  • gravitational attraction (n.) Žemės traukos jėga
  • force of attraction (n.) viliojantis dalykas, pagunda, trauka
  • magnetic attraction (n.) magnetizmas
  • Sexual attraction Lytinis potraukis
  • popular attraction (n.) viliojantis dalykas, pagunda
  • Genetic sexual attraction Genetinis lytinis potraukis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (force) the force by which one object attracts another
  • (show) an entertainment that is offered to the public Type of: show
  • (quality) the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts
  • (feature) a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts
  • (entertainer) an entertainer who attracts large audiences

attraction sinonimai allure, amusement, appeal, appreciation, attracter, attractive feature, attractive force, attractiveness, attractor, beauty, charisma, closeness, desirability, drawing card, enchantment, entertainment, enticement, fascination, fondness, force of attraction, gravitational pull, lure, magnet, magnetism, popular attraction, temptation, temptingness, allurement, crowd puller, draw, pull

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