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abstract vertimas 1. a abstraktus, atitrauktinis; 2. n 1) filos. abstrakcija; in the abstract atitrauktai; 2) santrauka; reziumė;3. v 1) atimti; 2) abstrahuoti, atitraukti; 3) sutraukti; 4) šnek. vogti

  • Abstract expressionism Abstraktusis ekspresionizmas
  • Abstract art Abstrakcionizmas
  • abstract thought (n.) samprotavimas
  • Abstract data type Abstraktus duomenų tipas
  • Abstract structure Abstrakti struktūra
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (conception) a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance
  • (summary) a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory
  • (see) to consider a concept without thinking of a specific example; to consider abstractly or theoretically Type of: see
  • (steal) to make off with belongings of others
  • (take) to consider apart from a particular case or instance Type of: consider
  • (summarize) to give an abstract (of) Type of: sum up
  • (existing only, mind) existing only in the mind; separated from embodiment
  • (nonrepresentational) not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature
  • (theoretical) dealing with a subject in the abstract without practical purpose or intention Similar to: theoretical

abstract sinonimai absent, absentminded, absent-minded, abstracted, abstractionist, distracted, distrait, gone, nonfigurative, nonobjective, preoccupied, scatty, theoretical, thoughtless, woolgathering, abridgement, abridgment, abstraction, capsule, condensation, outline, overview, precis, sketch, synopsis, abbreviate, abridge, condense, digest, dissociate, epitomise, isolate, purloin, remove, steal, summarise, withdraw, cabbage, hook, lift, nobble, rob, snarf, sneak, steal, subtract, walk off with, filch, nick, pilfer, pinch, purloin, snatch, snatch away from, snatch from, swipe, take from under s.o.'s nose

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