delineate lietuviškai

delineate vertimas v apibrėžti; aprašyti; atvaizduoti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (show) to show the form or outline of
  • (be) to determine the essential quality of
  • (limn) to trace the shape of
  • (mark) to make a mark or lines on a surface
  • (depict) to describe in vivid detail Type of: describe
  • (delineated) represented accurately or precisely

delineate sinonimai delineated, represented, characterise, characterize, copy, depict, describe, distinguish, draw, mark, personify, portray, represent, sketch, characterize, define, delimit, delimitate, describe, distinguish, draw, feature, limn, line, mark, outline, specify, trace, characterise

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