violent lietuviškai

violent vertimas a 1) stiprus, smarkus; 2) įsiutęs, įtūžęs; 3) neramus (apie charakterį); 4) smurtinis (apie mirtį ir pan.)

  • violent stream (n.) srovė, srautas
  • non-violent (adj.) neprievartinis, nesmurtinis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (acting, marked, resulting) acting with, marked by, or resulting from great force, energy, or emotional intensity Similar to: convulsive, ferocious, hot, knockdown-dragout, lashing, lurid, rampageous, ruffianly,...
  • (unnatural) effected by force or injury rather than natural causes Similar to: unnatural
  • (wild) of colors or sounds, intensely vivid or loud
  • (fierce) marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently
  • (bloody) characterized by violence or bloodshed

violent sinonimai angry, ardent, barbarous, berserk, boisterous, brutal, crimson, delirious, demoniac, enraged, extreme, fierce, forceful, forcible, furious, hot, intense, lawless, passionate, physical, powerful, raging, red, rough, savage, severe, strong-arm, tearing, tempestuous, trigger-happy, tumultuous, turbulent, unbridled, uncontrollable, unrestrained, uproarious, vehement, vicious, wild

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