surge lietuviškai

surge vertimas 1. n 1) didelė banga, bangavimas; 2) poet.jūra; 2. v banguoti; priplūsti (apie minią); (pa)kilti (apie bangas); to surge forward mestis, pulti, šokti pirmyn

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (flowing) a sudden forceful flow
  • (increase) a sudden or abrupt strong increase
  • (wave) a large sea wave
  • (inflate) to rise and move, as in waves or billows
  • (soar upwards) to rise rapidly
  • (run) to rise or move forward
  • (scend) to rise or heave upward under the influence of a natural force such as a wave
  • (sports) to see one's performance improve Topic: sports. Type of: better

surge sinonimai assembly, billow, burst, concourse, crowds, dash, flock, flow, inflow, influx, onrush, rush, spate, stampede, undulation, upsurge, wash, wave motion, waves, billow, build up, heave, swell, undulate, belly, belly out, billow, bloat, build up, cockle, distend, heave, riffle, ripple, ruffle, scend, soar, soar up, soar upwards, swell, swell out, tide, undulate, zoom

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