stratum lietuviškai

stratum vertimas n (pl strata) sluoksnis, klodas

  • Stratum basale Pamatinis sluoksnis
  • Stratum lucidum Blizgusis sluoksnis
  • Stratum corneum Raginis sluoksnis
  • Stratum granulosum Grūdėtasis sluoksnis
  • Stratum spinosum Dygliuotasis sluoksnis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (organism) one of several parallel layers of material arranged one on top of another (such as a layer of tissue or cells in an organism or a layer of sedimentary rock) Topic: organism. Type of: layer
  • (people) people having the same social, economic, or educational status
  • (place) an abstract place usually conceived as having depth

stratum sinonimai bed, class, hierarchy, horizon, layer, layer of the earth, level, rank, seam, social class, socio-economic class

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