relentless lietuviškai

relentless vertimas a 1) negailestingas, nepermaldaujamas; 2) nepertraukiamasn dalykiškumas; tinkamumas; svarbumas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (implacable) not to be placated, appeased, or moved by entreaty
  • (continual) never-ceasing

relentless sinonimai adamant, bitter, cold-blooded, cruel, cutthroat, cut-throat, exacting, grim, hard, hard-hearted, harsh, heartless, implacable, inclement, inexorable, inflexible, merciless, overwhelming, persistent, pitiless, remorseless, ruthless, set, showing no mercy, stepmotherly, stern, unappeasable, unfeeling, unforgiving, unpitying, unrelenting, unyielding

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