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print vertimas 1. n 1) atspaudas; pėdsakas; 2) spauda; šriftas; atspaudas; out of print išparduotas (apie leidinį); in print a) esantis spaudoje; b) spausdintas; 3) graviūros atspaudas; 4) kartūnas; 5) nuotrauka;2. v 1) spausdinti; 2) užspausti raštą (audinyje)

  • print off (v.) spausdinti, išspausdinti
  • print over (v.) spausdinti, išspausdinti
  • print out (v.) spausdinti, išspausdinti
  • print-out (n.) spausdinta informacija
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (written communication) the text appearing in a book, newspaper, or other printed publication Type of: written communication
  • (graphic art) a picture or design printed from an engraving Type of: graphic art
  • (indication) a visible indication made on a surface
  • (handiness) availability in printed form Type of: handiness
  • (copy) a copy of a movie on film (especially a particular version of it) Type of: copy
  • (fabric) a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers) Type of: fabric
  • (photograph) a printed picture produced from a photographic negative
  • (produce) to put into print
  • (write, print) to write as if with print; to write non-cursively Type of: write
  • (reproduce) to make into a print Type of: reproduce
  • (impress) to reproduce by printing
  • (commercial enterprise) the business of producing printed material for sale or distribution
  • (text handwritten, style) text handwritten in the style of printed matter
  • (publication) all the copies of a work printed at one time
  • (reproduction, applying ink) reproduction by applying ink to paper as for publication

print sinonimai bring out, edit, impress, imprint, issue, publish, put out, release, copy, counterpart, depression, duplicate, engraving, impression, imprint, mark, overprint, photographic print, printed form, printed matter, proof, surprint, transcript, printed paper, engrave, impress, imprint, issue, mark, overprint, print off, print out, stamp, footprint/fingerprint, impress, imprint, overprint, print off, print out, print over, publish, run off

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