peach lietuviškai

peach vertimas n 1) persikas; 2) amer. šnek.gražuolė

  • Peach State (n.) Gruzija, Džordžija
  • peach tree (n.) persiko
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (fruit tree) a fruit tree cultivated in temperate regions
  • (woman) a very attractive or seductive looking woman
  • (edible fruit) downy juicy fruit with sweet yellowish or whitish flesh Type of: edible fruit. Type of: drupe. Part of: peach tree
  • (pink) a shade of pink tinged with yellow
  • (unwrap) to divulge confidential information or secrets

Peach sinonimai Almond, Almonds, Almond Tree, Apricot, Apricots, Apricot Tree, Cherries, Cherry, Cherry Tree, Chokecherry Tree, Peaches, Peach Tree, Plum, Plums, Prunus, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus persica

peach sinonimai apricot, apricot-coloured, beauty, dish, fox, fruit, knockout, looker, lulu, mantrap, peach tree, ravisher, salmon pink, smasher, stunner, sweetheart, yellowish pink, peach tree, Prunus persica, babble, babble out, blab, blab out, blow the gaff, give the show away, let the cat out of the bag, sing, spill the beans, talk, tattle

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