occult lietuviškai

occult vertimas 1. a slaptas, paslėptas, okultinis; 2. n (the occult) okultizmas

  • Black Sun (occult symbol) Juodoji saulė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (causal agent) supernatural forces, events, and beings collectively
  • (practice) supernatural practices and techniques
  • (overshadow) to cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention
  • (change) to become concealed or hidden from view or have its light extinguished Type of: change
  • (conceal) to hide from view Type of: conceal
  • (invisible) hidden and difficult to see Similar to: invisible
  • (esoteric) having an import not apparent to the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding

occult sinonimai occultism, the occult, arcane, cabbalistic, concealed, esoteric, hidden, inscrutable, magical, mysterious, mystic, mystical, obscure, orphic, preternatural, recondite, secret, supernatural, occult arts, supernatural, eclipse

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