neglect lietuviškai

neglect vertimas 1. n 1) aplaidumas, nerūpestingumas, nesirūpinimas; 2) apsileidimas;2. v nesirūpinti; užleisti

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (inattention) lack of attention and due care
  • (decline) the state of something that has been unused and neglected
  • (mistreatment) willful lack of care and attention
  • (sloppiness) the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern
  • (nonaccomplishment) failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
  • (pretermit) to leave undone or leave out
  • (fail) to fail to do something; to leave something undone
  • (fail, attend to) to fail to attend to
  • (ignore) to give little or no attention to

neglect sinonimai abandonment, carelessness, default, dereliction, desertion, discrimination, disdain, disregard, disuse, heedlessness, imprudence, inattention, indifference, lapse, laxity, laxness, neglectfulness, negligence, nonperformance, omission, oversight, recklessness, reneging, reneguing, renunciation, temerity, disregard, drop, escape, fail, fail in, fail to, ignore, leave out, miss, omit, overleap, overlook, pay no heed to, pretermit, take no heed of

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