levy lietuviškai

levy vertimas 1. n 1) rinkliava; 2) (naujokų) ėmimas;2. v 1) imti (mokesčius); 2) imti (naujokus); to levy war (upon/against) pradėti karą

  • ECSC levy (n.) EAPB išlyginamasis mokestis
  • sugar levy (n.) cukraus išlyginamasis mokestis
  • export levy (n.) eksporto rinkliava
  • agricultural levy (n.) žemės ūkio produktų išlyginamasis mokestis
  • import levy (n.) išlyginamoji importo rinkliava
  • Bernard-Henri Lévy
  • Yasmin Levy
  • Paul Pierre Lévy
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (cess) a charge imposed and collected
  • (conscription) the act of drafting into military service
  • (bill) to impose and collect
  • (enlist) to cause to assemble or enlist in the military

levy sinonimai assessment, class, collection, crop, draft, duty, fees, gathering, impost, levy en masse, rates, recovery, tax, tax assessment, taxation, toll, year, enrol, impose, press-gang, raise, recruit, enroll, call up, conscript, conscript for military service, mobilise, mobilize, rally

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