hardly lietuviškai

hardly vertimas adv 1) vos; kone; 2) vargu ar; 3) vargais negalais

  • hardly a (adj.) labai nedaug
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (barely) only a very short time before
  • (almost not) almost not

hardly sinonimai all but, almost, almost not, arduously, as good as, at the last moment, barely, by a short head, by the skin of one's teeth, difficultly, hard, harshly, infrequently, just, just about, laboriously, narrowly, nearly, no sooner, only just, painfully, practically, quasi, quasi-, roughly, scantily, scarce, scarcely, severely, toilsomely, toughly, troublesomely, virtually, wearisomely, wellnigh, well-nigh, with difficulty, hard, hard-heartedly, harshly, rough, stepmotherly

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