crackling lietuviškai

crackling vertimas n 1) tarškėjimas; 2) braškėjimas; 3) pl spirgai

  • gold-crested crackle (n.) mainas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (residue) the residue that remains after animal fat has been rendered
  • (crepitation) the sharp sound of snapping noises
  • (rattle) to make a crackling sound
  • (make noise) to make a crushing noise
  • (change) to become, or to cause to become, covered with a network of small cracks Type of: change

crackling sinonimai crackle, crepitation, greaves, patter, rattle, spluttering, sputtering

crackle sinonimai crackle china, crackleware, crepitation, rustle, crackling, patter, rattle, spluttering, sputtering, crepitate, rattle, rustle, sputter, crunch, scranch, scraunch, sputter, crepitate

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