coat lietuviškai

coat vertimas 1. n 1) apsiaustas; coat of arms herbas; to turn one's coat pakeisti pažiūras; 2) švarkas; coat and skirtmoteriškas kostiumas; 3) (gyvulio) vilna;2. v padengti (dažais, metalu ir pan)

  • work coat (n.) darbinis chalatas
  • coat hook (n.) kablys, vagis
  • coat of arms (n.) herbas
  • Coat of arms Herbas
  • coat of mail (n.) grandeliniai šarvai, marškiniai, grandeliniai šarvai/marškiniai
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (overgarment) an outer garment that has sleeves and covers the body from shoulder down; worn outdoors Type of: overgarment
  • (covering) a thin layer covering something
  • (hair) a growth of hair, wool, or fur covering the body of an animal
  • (surface) to put a coat on; to cover the surface of; to furnish with a surface
  • (dress) to cover or provide with a coat Type of: dress
  • (spread over) to form a coat over

coat sinonimai coating, cover, fur, jacket, layer, mantle, pelage, topcoat, apply, blanket, cover, cover over, cover up, cake, cover, heap, shower, stick, surface

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