besides lietuviškai

besides vertimas 1. adv be to; 2. prp be, išskyrus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (in any case) making an additional point
  • (too) in addition
  • (therewithal) together with all that

besides sinonimai additionally, all the same, also, anyhow, anyway, as well, as well as, at any rate, at least, but, either way, furthermore, how, however, in addition, in any case, in spite of it all, in spite of that, in spite of this, just the same, likewise, moreover, nevertheless, only, then, too, top it all off, what's more, what is / what's more, what is more, yet, additionally, apart from, as well as, beside, in addition to, more, other than, over and above, plus, still, to boot, yet

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