behave lietuviškai

behave vertimas v elgtis; laikytis

  • behave badly (v.) blogai elgtis
  • behave like (v.) elgtis, reaguoti
  • behave o.s. (v.) elgtis, reaguoti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (do) to behave in a certain manner; to show a certain behavior; to conduct or comport oneself
  • (hold) to behave in a certain manner
  • (behave well, properly) to behave well or properly

behave sinonimai act, behave well, deport, function, obey, operate, perform, respond, acquit, act, act like, bear, behave like, behave o.s., carry, comport, comport o.s., conduct, conduct o.s., deport, do, play, pretend to be

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