bedding lietuviškai

bedding vertimas n lovos reikmenys, patalynė

  • bedding material (n.) kraikas, pakratai
  • bed clothing (n.) patalynė
  • bed and breakfast (n.) nakvynė ir pusryčiai
  • bed-and-breakfast (n.) nakvynė ir pusryčiai
  • bed of roses (n.) rožėmis klotas, kaip Dievo užantyje
  • sea-bed (n.) jūros dugnas
  • bed of flowers (n.) lysvė, pakraštys
  • bed and board (n.) maitinimas, maistas
  • bed down (v.) eiti miegoti
  • go to bed with (v.) pisti, knistis, mylėtis, miegoti, prisukti, įsukti, atsukti
  • bed bug (n.) blakė
  • Bed bug Patalinė blakė
  • bed cover (n.) lovatiesė
  • bed covering (n.) lovatiesė
  • get out of bed (v.) atsikelti
  • camp bed (n.) sulankstomoji lovelė, sulankstomoji lova
  • Stream bed Upės vaga
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (cloth covering) coverings that are used on a bed
  • (material) material used to provide a bed for animals
  • (supply) to furnish with a bed Type of: supply
  • (plant) to place (plants) in a prepared bed of soil Type of: plant
  • (put) to put to bed Type of: put
  • (copulate) to have sexual intercourse with
  • (go to bed) to prepare for sleep

Bedding sinonimai Bedding and Linens, Linens

bedding sinonimai bedclothes, bed clothing, bedding material, bed linen, clothes, litter

BEd sinonimai B.Ed., Bachelor of Education

bed sinonimai bedstead, berth, bottom, bunk, cot, couch, foundation, garden, groundwork, horizon, layer, mattress, mineral vein, patch, seam, sheet, stratum, vein, bang, be intimate, bone, bonk, crawl in, do it, eff, get it on, get laid, get off, go to bed, go to sleep, have a go at it, have intercourse, have it away, have it off, hump, jazz, kip down, know, lie down, lie with, love, make out, roll in the hay, sack out, sex, sleep together, take to bed, turn in, ball, engage in coitus, fuck, go to bed with, have sex, have sexual intercourse, hit the hay, hit the sack, make love, retire, root, screw, sleep with

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