bathing lietuviškai

bathing vertimas n maudymas(is)

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (diversion) immersing the body in water or sunshine Type of: diversion
  • (cleaning) the washing of oneself (or another)
  • (cleanse, entire body) to cleanse the entire body Type of: cleanse
  • (bath) to clean one's body by immersion into water
  • (envelop) to suffuse with, or as if with, light Type of: envelop

bathe sinonimai immersion, dip, drench, dunk, go for a swim, immerse, soak, swim, wash, wash up, dab, bath, go for a swim, have a bath, take a bath, wash up, dab

bathing sinonimai bath, toilet, wash, washup

bath sinonimai bathing tub, bathroom, bathroom suite, bathtub, douche, shower, tub, go for a swim, have a bath, bathe, take a bath, wash up

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