appalling lietuviškai

appalling vertimas a baisus, atstumiantis

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (experience) an experience that appalls Type of: experience
  • (disgust) to strike with disgust or revulsion
  • (frighten) to fill with apprehension or alarm; to cause to be unpleasantly surprised
  • (alarming) causing consternation

appal sinonimai alarm, appall, baffle, bemuse, bewilder, consternate, dazzle, dismay, horrify, offend, outrage, put the wind up someone, scandalize, shake, shake up, shock, startle, strike fear/terror $iµetc$/iµ into, terrify, terrorise, terrorize, to frighten someone out of his wits, scandalise

appalling sinonimai abysmal, alarming, atrocious, awful, baffling, bewildering, dazzling, detestable, disconcerting, dismaying, dreadful, earthshaking, earthshattering, frightful, ghastly, grim, gruesome, hideous, horrifying, intolerable, nauseating, offensive, outrageous, repulsive, shocking, sickening, startling, terrible, undignified, worldshaking

appall sinonimai alarm, appal, baffle, bemuse, bewilder, consternate, daunt, dazzle, dismay, frighten, horrify, offend, outrage, scandalize, shake, shake up, shock, sicken, startle, terrify, scandalise

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