alone lietuviškai

alone vertimas 1. a vienas, vienišas; to leave/let alonepalikti ramybėje;2. adv tiktai; he alone can do it tik jis tai gali padaryti

  • let alone () nekalbant jau apie
  • let alone (adv.) jau nekalbant apie
  • let well alone () palikti viską taip, kaip yra
  • all alone () vienišas
  • let (someone or something) alone (v.) palikti ramybėje
  • leave alone (v.) palikti ramybėje, pamesti, palikti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (unsocial) isolated from others Similar to: unsocial
  • (lonely) lacking companions or companionship
  • (exclusive) exclusive of anyone or anything else
  • (unique) radically distinctive and without equal
  • (entirely) without any others being included or involved
  • (solo) without anybody else or anything else

alone sinonimai forlornly, lonelily, retiringly, self-containedly, solitarily, lonesomely, all by oneself, by oneself, let alone, lone, lonely, not to mention, only, solitary, unequaled, unequalled, unique, unparalleled, by oneself, entirely, exclusively, only, solely, solo, unaccompanied, yourself

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