twilight lietuviškai

twilight vertimas n sutemos, prieblanda

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (hour) the time of day immediately following sunset
  • (visible light) the diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon but its rays are refracted by the atmosphere of the earth Type of: visible light
  • (decline) a condition of decline following successes Type of: decline
  • (dark) lighted by, or as if by, twilight

twilight sinonimai dusky, twilit, break of day, break of the day, cockcrow, crepuscle, crepuscule, dark, dawn, dawning, daybreak, daylight, dayspring, dimness, dusk, evenfall, fall, first light, gloam, gloaming, gloom, half-light, morning, nightfall, red morning sky, rising, semidarkness, sunrise, sunset, aurora, sunup

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