thrash lietuviškai

thrash vertimas 1) mušti, perti, kulti, daužyti, lupti, įkrėsti; 2) sumušti, sutriuškinti; 3) blašykits, daužytis; 4) =thresh

  • thrash about (v.) daužytis, blaškytis
  • Thrash metal
  • thrash out (v.) sugalvoti, pasiekti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (swimming kick) a swimming kick used while treading water Type of: swimming kick. Part of: treading water
  • (beat upon) to give a thrashing to; to beat hard
  • (shake up) to move or stir about violently
  • (dance) to dance the slam dance
  • (pound) to beat so fast that (the heart's) output starts dropping until (it) doesn't manage to pump out blood at all Type of: beat
  • (swap) to move data into and out of core rather than performing useful computation Type of: swap
  • (farming) to beat the seeds out of a grain
  • (beat out) to beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

thrash sinonimai bang about, bang around, bash, bash about, bash around, beat, beat black and blue, beat up, belabor, belabour, clobber, clout, duff up, flagellate, flog, give a beating, give a hiding, give a licking, give a thrashing, hit, knock about, knock down, lambast, lambaste, pummel, punish, strike, trounce, whale, whip, bat, clobber, convulse, cream, drub, flail, flounder, grapple, jactitate, lam, lick, mosh, slam, slam dance, slash, struggle, thrash about, thresh, thresh about, toss, trounce, wrestle, beat up, flog, give…a hammering, teach a lesson, to teach someone a lesson, whack, wham, whop, bang about, bang around, bash about, bash around, beat black and blue, belabor, belabour, give a thrashing, lambast, lambaste, wallop

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