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sponge vertimas 1. n 1) kempinė; to chuck up/throw up the spong prisipažinti nugalėtu; to pass the spong overperk. užmiršti; to have a spong downap(si)trinti kempine; 2) girtuoklis, parazitas, veltėdys; 2. v trinti, šluostyti, plauti, valyti kempine; to spong away/off ištrinti kempine; to spong on gyventi kitų sąskaita; to spong out nutrinti kempine; to spong up sugerti kempine

  • Contraceptive sponge Makšties kempinė
  • sponge off (v.) šlaistytis, trainiotis, nuvilioti, vilioti, melžti, būti išlaikytiniu, prašinėti
  • sponge rubber (n.) putgumė
  • sponge pudding () biskvitas
  • sponge cake () biskvitas
  • Calcareous sponge Kalkinės pintys
  • sponge on (v.) šlaistytis, trainiotis, nuvilioti, vilioti, melžti, būti išlaikytiniu, prašinėti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (absorbent material) a porous mass of interlacing fibers that forms the internal skeleton of various marine animals and usable to absorb water or any porous rubber or cellulose product similarly used Type of: absorbent material
  • (learner) someone able to acquire new knowledge and skills rapidly and easily
  • (follower) a follower who hangs around a host (without benefit to the host) in hope of gain or advantage
  • (invertebrate) a primitive multicellular marine animal whose porous body is supported by a fibrous skeletal framework; usually occurs in sessile colonies
  • (wipe) to wipe with a sponge, so as to clean or moisten Type of: wipe
  • (obtain) to ask for and get free; to be a parasite
  • (erase) to erase with a sponge, as of words on a blackboard Type of: erase
  • (wipe up) to soak up with a sponge Type of: wipe up
  • (gather) to gather sponges, in the ocean Type of: gather
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