reef lietuviškai

reef vertimas In povandeninė uola, rifas II n rifas (raiščiai burei sutraukti)

  • Great Barrier Reef Didysis barjerinis rifas
  • Capitol Reef National Park Kapitolijaus rifo nacionalinis parkas
  • Coral reef Koralinis rifas
  • Conway Reef Konvėjaus rifas
  • Kingman Reef Kingmano rifas
  • Maro Reef Maro rifas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (ridge) a submerged ridge of rock or coral near the surface of the water
  • (strip) one of several strips across a sail that can be taken in or rolled up to lessen the area of the sail that is exposed to the wind
  • (lower) to lower and bring partially inboard Type of: lower
  • (roll up) to roll up (a portion of a sail) to reduce its area Type of: roll up
  • (shrink) to reduce (a sail) by taking in a reef Type of: shrink
  • (region) a rocky region in the southern Transvaal in northeastern South Africa; contains rich gold deposits, coal, and manganese

Reef sinonimai Rand, Witwatersrand

reef sinonimai cliff, ledge, promontory, ridge, rock, sandbank, sand-bank, shelf

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