protection lietuviškai

protection vertimas n 1) saugojimas; 2) gynimas; 3) užtarimas, globa; protekcija

  • investment protection (n.) investicijų apsauga
  • protection of shareholders (n.) akcininkų apsauga
  • fire protection (n.) priešgaisrinė apsauga
  • market protection (n.) rinkos apsauga
  • European data protection supervisor (n.) Europos duomenų apsaugos priežiūros pareigūnas
  • data protection (n.) duomenų apsauga
  • shore protection (n.) pakrančių apsauga
  • child protection (n.) vaikų apsauga
  • family protection (n.) šeimos apsauga
  • protection of minorities (n.) mažumų apsauga
  • soil protection (n.) dirvožemio apsauga
  • protection of freedoms (n.) laisvių apsauga
  • protection of animal life (n.) gyvūnijos apsauga
  • self-protection (n.) savigyna
  • consumer protection (n.) vartotojų apsauga
  • environmental protection (n.) aplinkos apsauga
  • Environmental protection Aplinkos apsauga
  • heritage protection (n.) paveldo apsauga
  • noise protection (n.) apsauga nuo triukšmo
  • protection of privacy (n.) privatumo apsauga
  • protection of plant life (n.) augalijos apsauga
  • radiation protection (n.) radiacinė sauga
  • diplomatic protection (n.) diplomatinė apsauga
  • protection of animals (n.) gyvūnų apsauga
  • protection of communications (n.) ryšių privatumo apsauga
  • water protection (n.) vandens apsauga
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (activity) the activity of protecting someone or something Type of: activity
  • (covering) a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
  • (assets) defense against financial failure; financial independence
  • (shelter) the condition of being protected
  • (endorsement) kindly endorsement and guidance
  • (imposition) the imposition of duties or quotas on imports to protect domestic industry against foreign competition
  • (extortion) payment extorted by gangsters on threat of violence

protection sinonimai aegis, auspices, backing, bodyguard, bulwark, care, copyright, custody, guard, guardianship, guarding, harbour, lee, patrol, precaution, preservation, preventative, preventive, protective cover, protective covering, refuge, roof, safeguard, safeguarding, safekeeping, safety, screen, security, shelter, shield, suit of armour, surety, trade protection, tribute, defence, defense, warranty

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