musical lietuviškai

musical vertimas a 1) muzikalus; 2) melodingas

  • musical accompaniment (n.) akompanimentas
  • musical composition (n.) kūrinys, kompozicija
  • musical comedy (n.) miuziklas
  • musical score (n.) partitūra, partitûra
  • musical note (n.) gaida, tonas
  • musical theater (n.) miuziklas
  • musical phrase (n.) frazė
  • musical rhythm (n.) ritmas
  • musical passage (n.) ištrauka, fragmentas
  • musical scale (n.) gama
  • Musical scale Gama
  • musical instrument (n.) muzikos instrumentas
  • Musical instrument Muzikos instrumentas
  • musical work (n.) kūrinys, kompozicija
  • musical theme (n.) tema
  • Musical film Miuziklas
  • High School Musical
  • Era (musical project) Era (muzikinis projektas)
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (movie) a play or film whose action and dialogue is interspersed with singing and dancing
  • (pertaining adjective) characterized by or capable of producing music
  • (philharmonic) talented in or devoted to music Similar to: philharmonic
  • (characteristic, resembling, accompanied) characteristic of, resembling, or accompanied by music
  • (melodious) containing, constituting, or characterized by pleasing melody

musical sinonimai artistic, concert, creative, decorative, dulcet, euphonious, full, gifted, harmonious, lyric, melodic, melodious, music, performance, resonant, rhythmical, rich, silvery, sonorous, symphonic, talented, tuneful, musical comedy, musical theater

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