moor lietuviškai

moor vertimas In 1) viržiais apaugusi dykynė; 2) durpynė (t. p. moorland) II v pritvirtinti, pririšti (laivą) III v 1) ist. mauras; 2) marokietisn ginčijamas;2. v iškelti klausimą (diskusijai)

  • high-moor bog (n.) viržynė, viržiais apaugusi dykynė
  • low-moor bog (n.) pelkė, liūnas, klampynė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (plain) open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather, bracken, and moss
  • (tie up) to secure in, or as if in, a berth or dock
  • (dock) to come into or dock at a wharf
  • (secure, cables, ropes) to secure with cables or ropes Type of: fasten
  • (Muslim) one of the Muslim people of north Africa; of mixed Arab and Berber descent; converted to Islam in the 8th century; conqueror of Spain in the 8th century

moor sinonimai heath, heather, high-moor bog, moorland, peat, turf, wold, anchor, berth, fasten, lash, tie up, wharf

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