mixer lietuviškai

mixer vertimas n 1)tech. maišytuvas; 2) amer.: bad (good) mixer nevisuomeniškas (visuomeniškas) žmogus

  • cement mixer (n.) betono maišytuvas
  • cement-mixer (n.) betono maišytuvas
  • concrete mixer (n.) betono maišytuvas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (party) a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
  • (beverage) club soda or fruit juice used to mix with alcohol Type of: beverage. Part of: mixed drink
  • (electronic equipment) electronic equipment that mixes 2 or more input signals to give a single output signal Type of: electronic equipment
  • (kitchen utensil) a kitchen utensil that is used for mixing foods Type of: kitchen utensil

mixer sinonimai blender, food-processor, juice extractor, juicer, liquidiser, liquidizer, sociable, social, whisk

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