magnetic lietuviškai

magnetic vertimas a magnetinis

  • magnetic field (n.) magnetinis laukas
  • Magnetic field Magnetinis laukas
  • magnetic medium (n.) magnetinė laikmena
  • Magnetic resonance imaging Magnetinio rezonanso tomografas
  • magnetic north (n.) šiaurės magnetinis polius
  • Magnetic moment Magnetinis momentas
  • magnetic attraction (n.) magnetizmas
  • magnetic flux (n.) magnetinis laukas
  • magnetic pole (n.) polius
  • magnetic force (n.) magnetizmas
  • electro-magnetic equipment (n.) elektromagnetinė įranga
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (pertaining adjective) of, relating to, or caused by magnetism
  • (attractable) having the properties of a magnet; that is, of attracting iron or steel
  • (capable, being magnetized) capable of being magnetized
  • (determined, earth's magnetic) determined by earth's magnetic fields
  • (attractive) possessing an extraordinary ability to attract

magnetic sinonimai alluring, appealing, attractive, captivating, charismatic, drawing, enchanting, fascinating, inviting, irresistible, magnetised, magnetized

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