interval lietuviškai

interval vertimas n 1) tarpas; intervalas; 2) pertrauka

  • 24-hour interval (n.) para, diena
  • Interval (music) Intervalas (muzika)
  • interval of time (n.) laikotarpis, metas, tarpsnis
  • Confidence interval Pasikliautinas intervalas
  • Interval (mathematics) Atkarpa
  • Partition of an interval Skaidinys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (measure) a definite length of time marked off by 2 instants
  • (set) a set containing all points (or all real numbers) between 2 given endpoints Type of: set
  • (distance) the distance between things
  • (musical notation) the difference in pitch between 2 notes
  • (mathematics) an interval that includes its endpoints

interval sinonimai backspace, break, duration, em dash, gap, interim, interlude, intermission, interruption, interspace, length, lull, meantime, meanwhile, pause, period, recess, respite, rest period, separation, space, span, spell, suspension, term, time interval, window, year, musical interval

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