incompetent lietuviškai

incompetent vertimas a 1) nekompetentingas; 2) nemokąs; 3) neteisnus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (unskilled person) someone who isn't competent to take effective action
  • (law) legally not qualified or sufficient
  • (not qualified, suited) not qualified or suited for a purpose Similar to: feckless, ineffective, unworkman-like
  • (bungling) showing lack of skill or aptitude
  • (bad) not doing a good job
  • (inadequate) not meeting requirements

Incompetent sinonimai not entitled, not qualified, unable, unauthorized, unqualified, not authorised

incompetent sinonimai awkward, bungling, clumsy, fumbling, ill-sorted, inapt, incapable, incompatible, ineffective, inept, inexpert, insufficient, mismated, unable, unauthorised, unauthorized, unequal to, unfit, unqualified, unskilled, unsuitable, unsuited, good-for-nothing, incompetent person, ne'er-do-well

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