flattering lietuviškai

flattering vertimas a meilikaujamas, glostantis savimeile, malonus; 2.grazinantis, grazus

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (praise) to praise somewhat dishonestly
  • (adjective) showing or representing to advantage Similar to: adulatory, becoming, ingratiating

flattering sinonimai complimentary, enhancing, fawning, laudatory, obsequious, sycophantic, unctuous

flatter sinonimai boast about, boast of, pride o.s. in, pride o.s. on, take pride in, admire, become, bow and scrape to, butter up, coax, congratulate, curry favour with, enhance, fawn, fawn on, fawn upon, kiss s.o.'s feet, lay it on, lick s.o.'s boots, praise, soft-soap, suck up to, suit, to lick someone's boots, blandish, sweet-talk, toady to

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