exhausting lietuviškai

exhausting vertimas a varginantis, išsemiąs

  • exhaust system (n.) išmetimo vamzdis, išmetamosios dujos, naudotas garas
  • exhaust pipe (n.) išmetimo vamzdis, išmetamosios dujos, naudotas garas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (tire out) to wear out completely
  • (spend) to use up (resources or materials)
  • (empty) to use up the whole supply of Type of: empty
  • (discharge) to eliminate (a substance)
  • (debilitating) having a debilitating effect
  • (effortful) producing exhaustion

exhausting sinonimai arduous, awkward, backbreaking, burdensome, devastating, difficult, draining, fatiguing, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, painful, punishing, severe, strenuous, tiresome, tiring, toilsome, tough, uncomfortable, wasteful, wearing, wearisome, wearying, grueling, gruelling, shattering, sticky

exhaust sinonimai exhaust pipe, exhaust system, exhaust fumes, exhaust gas, exhaust pipe, fumes, tail pipe, consume, debilitate, deplete, discharge, dissipate, eject, enervate, expel, expel from, expend, finish, finish off, finish up, overtire, overwork, release, spend, squander, tire out, use, use up, wear out, beat, consume, deplete, eat, eat up, enervate, fatigue, finish, finish off, finish up, go through, overfatigue, overtire, overweary, play out, run down, run through, sap, spend, tire, tucker, tucker out, use, use up, wash up, wear out, wipe out

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