darkness lietuviškai

darkness vertimas n tamsa, tamsumas, tamsybė

  • Prince of Darkness (n.) Šėtonas
  • in darkness (adv.) juodas, tamsus
  • Nosferatu (World of Darkness) Nosferatu (Tamsos pasaulyje)
  • Giovanni (World of Darkness) Giovanni
  • Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
  • Toreador (World of Darkness) Toreador
  • World of Darkness Tamsos pasaulis
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (illumination) absence of light or illumination
  • (scene) an unilluminated area
  • (condition) absence of moral or spiritual values
  • (unenlightenment) an unenlightened state
  • (value) having a dark or somber color Type of: value
  • (complexion) a swarthy complexion

darkness sinonimai blackness, coarseness, concealment, corruption, dark, depravity, dimness, dusk, duskiness, gloom, ignorance, iniquity, isolation, murk, murkiness, mysteriousness, nightfall, obscurity, privacy, seclusion, secrecy, shade, shadow, swarthiness, vagueness, vulgarity, wickedness

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