cotton lietuviškai

cotton vertimas n 1) medvilnė; 2) vata; absorbent cottonhigroskopinė vata; 3) (medvilninis) siūlas

  • cotton on (v.) suprasti, susigaudyti
  • absorbent cotton (n.) vata
  • cotton candy (n.) cukraus vata
  • Cotton rat Medvilniniai žiurkėnai
  • cotton wool (n.) vata
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (plant fiber) soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state
  • (fabric) fabric woven from cotton fibers Type of: fabric
  • (shrub) an erect bushy mallow plant or small tree bearing bolls containing seeds with many long hairy fibers
  • (thread) thread made of cotton fibers Type of: thread
  • (like) to take a liking to Type of: like

cotton sinonimai made of cotton, of cotton, cotton fiber, cotton plant, cotton wool, fond of, have a soft spot for, have a weakness for, take to

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