constitutional lietuviškai

constitutional vertimas a 1) polit. konstitucinis; 2) med. organinis

  • constitutional monarchy (n.) konstitucinė monarchija
  • Constitutional monarchy Konstitucinė monarchija
  • constitutional revision (n.) konstitucijos pakeitimas
  • constitutional law (n.) konstitucinė teisė
  • Constitutional law Konstitucinė teisė
  • constitutional court (n.) konstitucinis teismas
  • Constitutional court Konstitucinis teismas
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (walk) a regular walk taken as a form of exercise Type of: walk
  • (pertaining adjective) of benefit to or intended to benefit your physical makeup
  • (sanctioned, consistent, operating) sanctioned by, consistent with, or operating under the law determining the fundamental political principles of a government
  • (intrinsical) existing as an essential constituent or characteristic
  • (essential) constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)

constitutional sinonimai built-in, component, congenital, constituent, constitutive, democratic, inbred, inbuilt, inherent, innate, integral, internal, intrinsic, organic, statutory, vested, wholesome

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