conclusion lietuviškai

conclusion vertimas n 1) pabaiga; in conclusion užbaigiant; to bring to a conclusion(už)baigti; 2) išvada; to try conclusions with imtis, rungtyniauti

  • in conclusion (adv.) galiausiai
  • draw a conclusion from (v.) daryti išvadą, pamanyti, manyti, nuspręsti
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (judgment) a position, opinion, or judgment reached after consideration
  • (assumption) an intuitive assumption Type of: assumption
  • (cease) the temporal end; the concluding time
  • (happening) event whose occurrence ends something
  • (proposition) the proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism)
  • (change of state) the act of ending something
  • (settlement) a final settlement Type of: settlement
  • (section) the last section of a communication
  • (choice) the act of making up one's mind about something

conclusion sinonimai adjournment, assumption, cessation, close, closing, closure, cloture, complement, completion, consequence, culmination, decision, deduction, destiny, determination, dissolution, end, ending, establishment, estimate, finale, final piece, finis, finish, illation, inference, judgement, last, observation, opinion, outcome, ratiocination, realisation, realization, resolution, rounding off, settlement, solution, stopping point, tailpiece, termination, understanding, upshot, verdict, winding up

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