bulging lietuviškai

bulging vertimas a išsipūtęs; bulging eyesišverstos akys

  • Bulge (astronomy) Centrinis telkinys
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (swell, protrude outwards) to swell or protrude outwards
  • (stick out) to bulge out; to form a bulge outward, or be so full as to appear to bulge
  • (start) to bulge outward
  • (swell) to cause to bulge or swell outwards
  • (convex) curving or bulging outward
  • (protrusive) curving outward

bulge sinonimai bash, bump, curvaceousness, curvature, curve, dent, dint, excrescence, extrusion, gibbosity, gibbousness, hump, jut, lump, node, nodule, projection, prominence, protrusion, protuberance, shapeliness, swelling, voluptuousness, bag, blow up, bug out, bulge out, bulk, come out, pop, pop out, pouch, protrude, puff, puff out, puff up, start

bulging sinonimai baggy, bellied, bellying, bulbous, bulgy, convex, increased, jutting, obtrusive, projecting, prominent, protruding, protuberant, puffy, round

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