battered lietuviškai

battered vertimas a 1) išmuštas, sumuštas; 2) nunešiotas; suglamžytas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (strike) to strike against forcefully
  • (beat upon) to strike violently and repeatedly
  • (change shape) to make a dent or impression in
  • (damaged) damaged by blows or hard usage
  • (worn) damaged, especially by hard usage Similar to: worn
  • (abused) exhibiting symptoms resulting from repeated physical and emotional injury Similar to: abused

batter sinonimai batsman, dough, fritter batter, paste, pastry, pastry dough, hitter, slugger, batsman, striker, baste, batter against, batter at, batter on, beat, beat against, beat at, beat on, beat up, buffet, clobber, dinge, flap, hit, knock about, knock about/around, knock around, maul, strike

battered sinonimai beaten-up, beat-up, dilapidated, hit, pounded

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