basis lietuviškai

basis vertimas (pl bases )n 1) pamatas, pagrindas; 2) bazė; on this basis tuo remiantis; 3) išeities taškas

  • basis of tax assessment (n.) apmokestinimo pagrindas
  • discrimination on the basis of nationality (n.) tautinė diskriminacija
  • on an irregular basis (adv.) nereguliariai, nelygiai
  • legal basis (n.) teisinis pagrindas
  • on an individual basis (adv.) atskirai, individualiai, skyrium, po vieną
  • discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (n.) diskriminacija dėl seksualinės orientacijos
  • on the basis of () per, pagal, laikantis
  • on a regular basis (adv.) nuolat, reguliariai
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (warp and woof) a relation that provides the foundation for something
  • (assumption) the fundamental assumptions from which something is begun, developed, calculated, or explained
  • (component part) the most important or necessary part of something

basis sinonimai assumption, axis, backbone, base, bedrock, bottom, core, crux, foot, footing, foundation, gist, ground, groundwork, heart, jumping-off place, jumping-off point, justification, meat, object, philosophy, point of departure, premise, principle, springboard, starting point, starting-point, underpinning, design basis

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