approximation lietuviškai

approximation vertimas n pri(si)artinimas; priartėjimas

  • approximation of policies (n.) politikos nuostatų derinimas
  • approximation of laws (n.) teisės aktų derinimas
  • Stirling's approximation Stirlingo formulė
Paaiškinimas anglų kalba
  • (calculation) an approximate calculation of quantity, degree, or worth
  • (similarity) the quality of coming near to identity (especially close in quantity) Type of: similarity
  • (version) an imprecise or incomplete account Type of: version
  • (joining) the act of bringing near or bringing together, especially the cut edges of tissue

approximation sinonimai assessment, bringing close together, equivalent, estimate, estimation, evaluation, idea, likeness, resemblance, semblance, similarity

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